There’s a new generation of youth out there in 2012 and they mean business. 15 year old “Yung Blu” is hailing out the west like a champion; microphone in hand and ready to serve anyone, any time – anywhere. Unlike the typical kiddie music you hear coming from artists 18 and younger; Yung Blu is come with lyrical content that slices through even the finest armor.

The amazingly talented youngster is proud of where he comes from and makes it clear when raps about being “from the bottom” in this video. It’s no secret that the industry has been in need for desperate change since the digital era consumed it and made the music about marketing instead of the marketing about the music. Yung Blu blatantly exposes some of the phoniness that goes on within the music industry and backs his attacks up with truthful facts poignant punchlines that blows the minds of grown folks and motivates any youth that comes within the realm of his very CLEAR message.

Often referred to as ” The Mexican 2Pac” within his camp; Yung Blu maby not so coincidentally is reported to be born on the anniversary of 2Pac’s death. After a chin checking intro aimed at mainstream for the part they’ve played in destroying today’s youth; the opening line in the first verse for this video  is “you doin business with them then you doin business with the devil”. The hook shares a powerful message or maby even cry for help that is on the mind of all young independent artists “ain’t nobody here to save us”.

Rest assured Yung Blu; the industry hears you loud and clear. Keep spreading your message! The real support you.

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