Internet Radio is another way for Independent Artists to compete side by side with Major Label and top charting artists. Internet Radio offers a great way to test a new track and the reaction without all of the red tape and budget needed at FM Radio.

Residuals are paid quarterly for every spin easily through Sound Exchange, as long as the artists are registered with them (it’s free).

Sound Exchange has paid out over 5 billion dollars since it’s inception. WOW, that’s a lot of cash and one of the many reasons why internet radio campaigns should be a part of your music’s business plan.

The way that people like to listen to music is ever evolving. In this day and age every device has the capability to connect to the internet and play your favorite music. People are listening on everything from their watches to their phones. If you’re driving a 2019 model car, chances are you can tune in and listen to any station you want to right from your dashboard.

Gigi Capone PR has the experience necessary to provide you with the guidance, knowledge and resources you need to make it in the digital radio(internet) market. We have been pioneering this path with Digital Radio Tracker, since the days when radio stations refused to put their streams on their websites. YIKES! Remember that?

What does all that mean to you? It means that we have established relationships with the countless digital  radio stations we have worked with, developed or built relationships with over the years.  A uniquely valuable resource to our company and clients. Get spins, get promotion, features and interviews, get results.

Wait, there’s more. Our company provides your song as a song Submission to 5,000+ monitored internet radio stations worldwide, and the number is continually growing. Internet campaigns are 8 weeks minimum. Each week, client will receive a Digital Radio Tracker Report so they can see where and how often their song was played.

We send out any & all drop, interview and show requests. 

We promote your buy link to consumers through our social media accounts on a regular basis throughout your campaign.

These campaigns are producing results in digital sales, digital residuals and increase your social media presence.

What do we need? -> DJ Service Pack with all available versions of the song, ALL SOCIAL LINKS, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube etc.


Digital Radio Tracker is the Mediabase and BDS of Internet Radio. This new technology is currently monitoring over 9,000 internet radio stations globally, including Sirius XM, and growing weekly. Digital Radio Tracker also offers a reporting system as accurate and up to minute as Mediabase and BDS.

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