Esteemed West Coast rapper Roccett has been putting in work for quite a while now and as we all know; one’s craftsmanship only gets better with time. Roccett reinforces that statement as he pristinely showcases his ability to effortlessly shred the mic to pieces in his new video “Made Men”, a song off of his new project “By any means necessary”. The video is directed by Roccett’s manager Rick Edwards; a name that is definitely “in the know” and highly respected among industry professionals. Audio production is by DP beats; the creme de la creme of aspiring West Coast production companies.

The video starting off with film credits and a glimpse of sin city in the wee hours of the morning really gave it that short film effect and builds up the anticipation for the viewer before the music even starts. The clarity of the video production is amazing and scene selections were tastefully made to correlate with the well written story line of the song. Combined with the catchy hook and piercingly intense delivery Roccett makes in “Made Men”; the video is sure to be favored among all the top websites and music media outlets. The single is a club banger and should do well among radio mixshow DJ’s as well.

To Book Roccett for your next event please email editor@dailymusicandnews.com

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