KWWK-DB presents Team Musik with DJ T.A.S.

DJ T.A.S. brings the heat from the streets every Friday night with #Teammusik on KWWK-DB radio starting at 11 pm eastern standard time. Artists interested in submitting music for this show can send their properly labeled DJ service packs with all available versions of the song to with ” #Teammusik ” in the subject line.

DJ T.A.S. keeps the party rockin’ so be sure to tune in and download via or from your favorite listening app.

Saturday Night House Essentials

Nobody does house music like Chicago does house music. Every weekend Chicago’s very own DJ R-Cue-Tech is bringing the party with Saturday Night House Essentials on KWWK-DB radio. You can tune in live weekly on or from your favorite listening apps. Turn HME with DJ R-Cue-Tech all the way up and keep your crowd dancing all night long.

KWWK-DB is registered with The National Association of Digital Broadcasters and monitored by Digital Radio Tracker. Follow DJ R-Cue-Tech on all social media @DJRcuetech and show him some love next time you’re scrolling and trolling. Oh yeah, don’t forget your dancing shoes.

The Voodoo Box with DJ New Orleans

Every Saturday night at 8PM PST/10 PM CST/ 11 PM EST you can catch The Voodoo Box with DJ New Orleans igniting the airwaves on KWWK-DB. Your Saturday night party is all gas and no brakes with DJ New Orleans so tune in live on or listen and download from your favorite app like iHeartradio or Amazon Music.

Follow DJ New Orleans on all social media ” @DjNewOrleans “.

The weekend party starts with DJ Gates

The weekend party on KWWK-DB kicks off at 7pm pacific (11 EST) with NYC’s very own DJ Gates blazing up the turntables with all your favorite hits. If you’re looking for the best party music for you Friday night then look no further KWWK-DB has exactly what you want. You can listen live or download all of our mixshows on the KWWK-DB website.

KWWK-DB and The Friday night party also airs on all your favorite apps like iHeartradio, Audible, Spreaker, Amazon Music and Apple Podcasts just to name a few. Be sure to to tune in, tell a friend to tell a friend, and turn it all the way up.

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