For Immediate Release – Rapper 40 Glocc puts in motion to withdraw plea deal

Rapper 40 Glocc puts in motion to withdraw plea deal

Sacramento, CA – Gigi Capone PR & Associates is dismayed to announce that after discovering his lawyer and the judge presiding over his case are former law firm associates, our client Lawrence White, also known as rapper 40 Glocc, has made the decision to put in a motion to withdraw his plea deal. White has no way of knowing without a doubt whether or not there’s bad blood between his Lawyer’s firm and the presiding judge.

All attempts made to present evidence on his own behalf are being blocked in the trial, such as, the fact Lawrence is being restricted from letting the jury know that the prostitution case against his co defendant was dismissed when she plead not guilty at her trial.

Additionally, Our clients rights are further being violated by the officers, who also destroyed the video/audio tapes. One of the officers, Hohensee has been under investigation for other disciplinary matters and the other arresting officer, Chadderdon, changed his original report 8 months after the fact. Ultimately our client expects the motion to withdraw to be granted without prejudice in the least.

Judge Mark E. Betters employment record according to The Minnesota Judicial Branch website includes Manahan, Bluth, & Kohlmeyer Law Firm, Chtd. from 2005-2008. Our client maintains that he is innocent and plans to take his charges to trial.

Media inquiries and interview requests please contact Gigi Capone PR & Associates.


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