@whoisjr & @pvdmusic feat. @shabaamsahdeeq & @eldasensei – “Vinyl Is Forever”

This post is dedicated to all of my DJs, vinyl collectors and enthusiasts, such as myself, everywhere.

Vinyl Is Forever is paying homage to the greatest music physical format of all time AKA RECORDS!!! Vinyl!! WAX!!! CRATES!!!

We truly are living the reality of working towards allowing our musical legacies to go beyond our years and vinyl will be the physical version that stands the test of time and continue to tell these great stories of our present times 50 + years from now.

We Salute You, Vinyl Is Forever.

Get John Robinson’s full album, Modern Vintage on  iTunesCD + Vinyl and listen on Soundcloud

Video Shot, Directed and Edited by #F12Films

@whoisjr | @pvdmusic | @brickrecords96 | @shabaamsahdeeq | @eldasensei | @forever12

http://www.thejohnrobinsonproject.com | http://www.pvdmusic.com | http://www.brickrecords.com/

Published by Shamika Sykes

DJ / Journalist / Co-Host of Steelohim Radio

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