Placer Holistic Wellness closes

(Gigi Capone PR) Placer County, CA – Our client, Placer Holistic Wellness, a 501(c)3 mutual benefit nonprofit has made the business decision to officially dissolve. The State of California killed many small businesses with the passing of prop.64 this year, Placer Holistic Wellness, originally licensed for deliveries is one of those businesses. Placer Holistic Wellness became closed for business as of January 1st, 2019. The dissolving of the business is the last step in the legal process for Placer Holistic Wellness.


For more information please contact Gigi Capone PR.

For the love of Dula

dj dulla flyerras goldie flyer for dula

Please help us by #rp and following @rasgoldie :

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For Immediate Release : Matchbox Entertainment artist Nizzie releases Philippines remix featuring Wiz Khalifa

remix cover art

(Gigi Capone PR) – Matchbox Entertainment artist Nizzie released his remix of Philippines today featuring Wiz Khalifa. After the original song accumulated 100,000 views on youtube and over 2500 royalty paying radio spins, Matchbox Entertainment agreed that it was time to go public with the remix.

Nizzie states he enjoyed interacting with fans and creating excitement during the 7 day countdown prior to the remix’s release date.

“It’s all about constantly raising the bar and keeping my fans excited, when they’re happy then I’m Happy”. – Nizzie

Pacing himself, having a Wiz Khalifa feature on the remix is a strategic move for Nizzie, the unsigned artist plans to devote his focus on his first album release next. Matchbox Entertainment has not released the name of Nizzie’s first album yet but states that the Philippines remix with Wiz is promotional and just a small taste of what is yet to come.

For media, radio or dj requests please contact Gigi Capone PR & Associates at all other inquires please contact Matchbox Entertainment.

Footnote: Gigi Capone PR & Associates is scheduling interviews (phoners or in studio for NC) May 29 -June 5th , 2017. Contact above.






Matchbox Entertainment announces 5/29 release date for Philippines remix featuring Wiz Khalifa


remix cover artMatchbox Entertainment recording artist Nizzie proudly announced that his new single Philippines the (remix) featuring the king of green himself, Wiz Khalifa will be released on May 29th, 2017.

The original Philippines track has over 2500 radio spins, features on the “in the now” sites like Makin’ It Magazine,  The HypeMagazine, Brash MagazineTent-TV and is available on iTunes. Additionally, the video has over 100,000 views on YouTube.

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