GiGi Capone PR & Associates, family owned and operated was established in 2009 during Ms. Gigi’s dual internships with platinum selling artists, Doitall Kelly and Fugee member Wyclef Jean. 

The greatest gift anyone can ever share with you is knowledge and those were the times that I learned all the important stuff. Some things in this industry have to be experienced first hand to be appreciated, and the opportunity to learn from 2 of the greatest legends to ever do it is something I will appreciate for the rest of my life. -Ms.Gigi

What do you get when you hire our company?

  • The knowledge and experience in radio promotions to consistently obtain royalty paying radio spins for your record from monitored radio stations.
  • The distribution of your DJ service pack for consideration to thousands of DJs. Our company has direct contact and established relationships all over the world, allowing our client’s record to have a prime global radio reach.
  • The distribution of your press materials & press release to 10k+ music journalists, top ranking bloggers and tastemakers worldwide.
  • A reputable company with established industry relationships to represent you.

We back our record service work up with weekly Digital Radio Tracker reports for our clients. Our company caters to all genres of music and typically averages 1000+ spins per week for our client’s records. Quality is what you can expect from us, in fact, every independent artist’s record we’ve touched since 2014 has either seen the top of the Digital Radio Tracker’s Independent and/or Top 200 radio charts.

Sound Exchange is our recommendation for collecting royalties, they’ve paid out over 4 billion dollars since inception and registration is free.

Getting your record heard on monitored radio is only one piece of the strategy pie, you must also have a strong marketing strategy. Getting your record’s “buy links” to consumers in your direct market is an element that can’t be left out of your business plan. Airing a commercial that contains the buy link on BET/MTV/VH1 is one of many cutting edge service options available to pre-qualified clients.

The amount of revenue streams an artist can create with their music is endless, having a PR that can drive traffic to those revenue streams is priceless. – Ms.Gigi 

When a project is properly planned there is usually a video made of the lead single and a clean version is cut for television distribution. Gigi Capone PR & Associates has established distribution relationships and the capability to place select material on over 200 million television sets. Videos are selected for distribution on a case by case basis.

Promoting your radio campaign from our social media horn of plenty comes standard with our services. Our team takes your finished product and gives it maximum exposure from start to finish. For more information or to set up your free over the phone consult please contact us at info@gigicaponepr.com.

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