My project is polished, packaged and ready to go. Now what?

The DJ service pack for your release is mixed, mastered and ready to work. The cover art for your project is complete and ready for the public. You have a set release date that will be uniform across all press materials and platforms.

The radio campaign for your record is paid for and scheduled to begin on your release date.

So what next? You would love to say most of your bases have been covered, but, deep down inside you know that you will need a promotional campaign stronger than just social media to reinforce the radio campaign you paid for.

What about streaming services, their staff and curators? What about website and blog placements? What about Spotify playlists? What about distributing your DJ service pack to influential DJs?

What about building relationships with contacts harvested from the release of your new project that will result in more interviews and press coverage? How will you focus on JUST the music during your campaign if you are busy trying to make sure your PR work goes right?

That there is a lot of unanswered questions you may be stressing before your release, but don’t worry about a thing, we’ve got you covered.

Gigi Capone PR & Associates has over a decade of experience in public relations, promotions and radio.

Our firm uses our experience alongside traditional PR methods infused with today’s technology to pitch your music to program directors, influential decision makers and playlist curators at platforms that matter.

Gigi Capone PR & Associates provides an informed and result driven client experience during your strategic 8 week promotional campaign. We keep you in the loop with weekly service reports that show who we’ve targeted and the status of our pitch to that contact.

Additionally we schedule bi-weekly meetings to discuss our progress, campaign feedback and exactly what we’re doing with your music.

Please fill out our contact form to schedule your free initial consult, we’re ready to break your record NOW.

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