Refreshing, soulful and impressive. If you do John Fogerty, you better do it hot damn right and that’s exactly what Janiva Magness has done with “Change in the weather”.

Listening to the album took me back to my early youth when my Pop used to pick me up for his ball games in his pimped out all white VW Bug with the Rolls Royce grill. I remember John Fogerty’s Bad Moon Rising and Have you ever seen the rain pouring out the speakers.

Janiva Magness’ harmonized renditions were so well crafted that while listening, I scrambled to Youtube to compare them to the originals, the only twist I didn’t care for was the tempo change on “Have you ever seen the rain“, it changed the feel of the song a bit  to me. Particulars like this are minor and vary from song to song to song within great taste that compliments the original records.

Janiva’s production and deep voice put more of a country spin on Looking out my back door than even the original written by Fogerty and performed with CCR, but I LIKE IT.

Although you can’t really duplicate John Fogerty’s energy, another stand out track for me was “Fortunate Son”, Janiva Magness totally rocked it. I’m curious to see her stage presence and energy performing this live. Janiva Magness has a rare contralto voice completely absorbing my attention song for song on all 12 tracks.

Exploring Fogerty’s songbook is Magness’ 15th album release. Notably she is only the second woman, following blues giant Koko Taylor, to receive the B.B. King Entertainer of the Year award. It was presented to her at the Memphis ceremonies by King himself and Bonnie Raitt.

My personal rating for this release is 4 out of 5 stars, the countering factor being simply that remake’s are nice but you can never seamlessly duplicate the lustre of an original, otherwise an outstanding craftsmanship here. Only a few songs were covered here and I highly recommend that you go and listen to the entire release tomorrow, it’s worth the listen and a great way to kick the weekend off to a fabulous start.

Janiva Magness Live Shows/Events: 9/12/2019 – Nashville, TN – Palomino Rides Again Songwriters Circle Legion Hall 9/13/2019 – Nashville, TN – Blue Elan Showcase @ AmericanaFest – 6:30 pm 11/8/2019 – Denver, CO – Daniels Hall @ Swallow Hill Music 11/10/2019 – Lakewood, CA – Barnes and Noble – Author Event 11/20/2019 – Long Beach, CA – PCH Club 11/22/2019 – Santa Monica, CA – McCabe’s Guitar Shop 11/23/2019 – Arlington, WA – Byrnes PAC 11/24/2019 – Lake Forest Park, WA – Third Place Books – Book Event 11/25/2019 – Lake Oswego, OR – Lake Theater

More dates TBA.


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