Press releases and when to distribute them

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Knowing when to distribute a press release and what it actually is, is something that small business owners, brands and individuals alike get stumped on frequently. The internet is full of a million and one press release How To’s, we’re going to give you the 60 second short version. 

Press releases aren’t rocket science, They specifically cover the who, what,when, why and where with one or two links to support the information provided in the press release. Press releases only contain facts. Opinions are adverts and will be rejected by most publications. Press releases also contain the appropriate contact information for media inquiries. Don’t be the guy with no answers who people get stuck with on the phone.

OK, so when should I distribute a press release? 

Traditionally news releases are distributed to targeted media lists by a publicist when something newsworthy happens for a company, brand or individual.

What is considered “newsworthy”?

Often times this is debatable but for the purposes of this post we will keep it short and simple. Although there are many examples that could be listed for when to distribute a press release, we’ve selected 10. Our picks are geared towards our reading audience.

10 examples of when you should distribute a press release:

  • New business or non-profit launches
  • New partnerships or chapter announcements
  • New Co-Branding or media partnership announcements
  • New product releases
  • New album or song releases
  • When your company or label hosts a public event (concerts, tournaments, fundraisers, etc.)
  • When you’re planning an album release party
  • When an individual or company participates in charitable events or non-profit work
  • New tour announcements
  • Major news, business altering events or changes to or within a company or label (changing of the guard, new leadership, new roles).


Prior to getting started on your press release your publicist will have drafted a PR Brief that includes the bullet points for the press release and a -> targeted media list <-(we’ll cover that topic in another post).

Having a great press release with a clear, concise and consistent message is a must. Delivering your press release to the right hands is vital to your PR strategy. Double, triple and quadruple checking your press release for spelling and grammatical errors prior to distribution is essential as well. Failure to do so can sometimes turn out quite embarrassing.

Here it all is in a nutshell. Understanding what a press release is used for, how news publications work and how a press release should be distributed, will essentially help assure your press release’s message is deemed as newsworthy by the media.

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