Music Xray Review:iNL83 – Emoji Love



Gigi Capone PR and Associates is happy to publish our review of “Emoji Love” by iNL83, a potential lead for the mixtape project “A Mess With Love”.

Composition: Pleasantly unpredictable

Production: An electric hip hopish sound ahead of it’s time, with a splash of classic sound gently blended in.
Arrangement: The arrangement was very creative, around every corner is a surprise, in particular a reconceptualization through out the piece that felt very David Bowie ish.
Performance: Up beat, easy to listen to and overall a 3 out of 5 in my book.
Hit Potential: This song would make a fun video and may do well with sync licensing / soundtrack opportunities. The question asked by the artist here is what do I think about this song for a lead on a mixtape release. My response is, why the hell would you put a song like this on a mixtape? What I hear is an artist who has grown past the mixtape stage, who should be focusing on an EP or LP, with a buzz build up to an album.

Stop dumping your budget into a mixtape buzz and invest in an original EP, LP or album that will allow you to collect residuals. Don’t forget to encode with Mediabase and register with SoundExchange so you can collect off both your digital and FM spins, both are free. Digital Radio Tracker would be a great tool for keeping track of your spins once you release this record. I look forward to checking out this song release in the near future.

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