MusicXray Review: Look At Me- FT. Second2None by Khing Jus Wurk™


The hook on this song is a bread winner

MusicXray Dropbox Submission
Song: Look At Me- FT Second2None by Khing Jus Wurk™


Thanks for sharing your music with us Khing Jus Wurk, I will be direct and to the point with this song. Let’s start with the production, although it is not mastered, great job. The beat was silky smooth and stayed fluid through the entire song, I can’t say that there is anything I would advise the artist to have changed.

Next, let’s talk about the vocals, your timing is on point with the beat no changes there. However, you should pursue vocal training to further hone your craft and bring out all of your potential. With a little fine tuning, I can see this song doing very well with radio, like I mentioned in the quote, the hook is a bread winner.

I would consider digital distribution and record service once this soon to be hit is fully polished.

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