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Coming in at 1041 spins last week, our client JMusiQ continues to consistently rise up the National independent charts, according to Digital Radio Tracker. Last week was quite the busy week for JMusiQ, we had the chance to spend a few days working together in L.A. with him. jmusiq


@MsGiGiCApone & @Weedmaps Izaac Photo by Gracelyn.

Highlights included our very first stop being at WeedMaps corporate headquarters where we had the chance to meet with our consultant Izaac, he was amazing. Izaac really open our eyes up to some new strategies for our clients and the dab sesh was too epic not to mention because we definitely lost our car in the parking lot.

Attending the Aaron Cohen album release party at Delicious with JMusiQ was also an exciting part of the trip for our company, where we had the opportunity to hang out with Aaron Cohen & crew, plus enjoy the sounds of Skee TV / BReal TV.

Speaking of which, JMusiQ had an amazing interview the next day on The DR. Greenthumb Show, the link to view is posted below.

s/o @supalaurabk for linking up an Interview w/ Aaron Cohen @ his release party last night!

A photo posted by Gigi Capone PR (@gigicaponeprbiz) on Jun 5, 2015 at 9:32am PDT

jmusiq on breal tv

One of the most enjoyable parts of the live filming of this interview with JMusiQ was watching our non-smoking artist carry himself with confidence and movado through the whole session. Listening to JMusiQ speak to the hosts of BReal TV about his performances on big stages in Nigeria, like the Presidential Inauguration gave our whole team a great sense of pride. What an amazing feeling it was to share JMusiQ’s music on BReal ‘s BReal TV, special thank yous to Ms. Supa Laura for her gracious hospitality.

If you missed JMusiQ on the DR. Greenthumb Show you can check it out here: http://breal.tv/2015/06/the-dr-greenthumb-show-jmusiq-6515/. The Dr. Greenthumb show is without a doubt where all the action is at for cannabis culture and music.

The fun had only yet begun with the Dr. Greenthumb Show on BReal TV, we had the great pleasure of meeting Chef Nugs on the set while we were there, who hooked us up with some 2 day passes to OC 710, where GiGi Capone PR and JMusiQ LLC celebrated Ms. GiGi Capone’s birthday watching Berner and our BReal TV fam turn up the crowd. Killah Priest put on a great performance, veteran rapper Gangsta Boo also made a quick appearance. Overall, OC was a tough crowd but they just couldn’t reject the exuberant vibes and excitement that Chef Nugs and  BReal TV brought to the show.


Killah Priest


Gangsta Boo

Unofficially and yet to be announced, GiGi Capone PR & Associates has opened their doors to cannabis culture  and it’s legal marketplace, so of course we had to take a field trip to the highly secured prop 215 area, no pun intended. Chef Nug’s gourmet menu was so delicious that they completely sold out. The BReal.TV booth was side by side with Chef Nugs booth of course, making for a great time for anyone who stopped and visited.

Hands down, BReal TV and Chef Nugs had the dopest booths in the prop 215 area, we came in a little late but noticed that their is still room for an abundance of the cannabis market to set up at these events and get their products seen. What we observed is a young, fresh market at this festival, with room for grown that we want to be a part of.


@MsGiGiCapone & @ChefNugs


The @BrealTV Booth 2 OC 710 Fest


@ChefNugs at his booth @ OC 710 Fest

The Saturday night headliner was Berner for this event, an excellent choice. Hearing hits off the Prohibition album live is just as dope as it sounds on the record. Without a doubt, Berner rocked the crowd the hardest that night, as the headliner should. Honestly, it was hard to pick a favorite song performance from Berner that night, they were all top shelf.

As bad as we wanted to bring you the interviews and give the artists press to further support their work, to our disappointment there were no media passes available for this one, not even for a BReal TV Contributor. However, we are still humbly grateful to of been blessed with the passes by Chef Nugs, we had so much fun and hope to network something heavy in the future. A blind person could see and feel the great things the future have in store for this genius young chef, if you are a legal patient or live in a rec legal state, this is who should be cooking for all your serious events.


Berner perfrming at OC 710 FEST

Our business trip to Los Angeles to work with JMusiQ was so much fun that all the strategies, planning, driving, appearances and meetings hardly felt like work. It will be interesting to see where JMusiQ places on the charts next, the energy has continued to grow within the campaign. Our company is looking forward to coming out to LA again soon, with an emphasis on local performances by JMusiQ. The video release for California Dreamin’ is going to be epic, be sure to stay tuned with our website for the exclusive.

birthday pic

@MsGiGiCapone‘s Birthday w/ @IamJMusiQ and DFree @ 710 Fest Via @ChefNugs / @BrealTV @SupaLaura photo by Gracelyn. 

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