The Warrior DJs


Founded in November 2009 by President, GiGi Capone and honorary Co-founder, Wyclef Jean. In respect to Mr. Jean’s massive humanitarian deeds, The Warrior Djs are proud that because of Wyclef’s  Warrior Movement that preceded us, we  THE WARRIOR DJS indeed exist as a result of his movement.

Following in our bredren The Refugee All-Star’s footsteps, we take pride in always demanding excellence in sound. Our highly skilled in demand  Warrior DJs are dedicated individuals from all parts of the earth, who are ready to rock your venue like no other. Just like our honorary co-founder Mr. Jean,  not only do The Warrior Djs turn up every single event their turntables touch, but they PUT ON A SHOW.

Our motto:  “You make it – We break it”.

A little more about us…

Our President – GiGi Capone, a highly calculated businesswoman hand picked by Wyclef Jean to lead The Warrior the owner of the highly in demand PR firm, GiGi Capone PR & Associates.

Our Vice President –  Sean Da Entertainer Madhouse, Owner of DEMM,  an exceptional DJ, Top Selecta for Refugee All-Star sound system and a  founding member. Impressively, with 15+ European tours, countless Caribbean tours and more; Sean Madhouse travels  the 4 corners of the earth, all the while producing Warrior Djs  on air radio shows.

For more information on our DJ or Promo services, or for membership consideration please contact: or for public relations

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