[ @GIGICAPONEPR ]FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: West Coast Hip Hop Artist @IAmJMusiQ Releases MusiQ Mixtape with DJ Kid Fresh

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For Immediate Release

Contact: Gigi Capone

Phone: 201-800-4306

Email: info@gigicaponepr.com

INRE: JMusiQ Mixtape Release

Date: October 31, 2014

West Coast Hip Hop Artist JMusiQ Releases MusiQ Mixtape with DJ Kid Fresh


[GCPR] Los Angeles, CA – GiGi Capone PR & Associates is pleased to announce the release of up and coming hip hop artist JMusiQ’s highly anticipated mixtape, hosted by DJ Kid fresh entitled “MusiQ”. The free version of the  mixtape is being hosted on DatPiff.com. Fans who would like to purchase the mixtape for their favorite listening devices without the DJ Drops can go to iTunes.com.

 Musiq is the first project that JMusiQ has completely directed and orchestrated himself, without outside  influence; enabling his listeners to feel 100% of the essence of his music. The lead single for the MusiQ mixtape, California Dreamin’, created a huge buzz for JMusiQ and showcases only a small glimpse of JMusiQ’s talent. Executive production credits on the “MusiQ” mixtape go to popular hip hop producers, DFree and Prote-J On The Beat.

 MusiQ is an introduction to my solo career orchestrated by me. This is my first project where I haven’t had any outside influences directing me. This is very much my vision for what I want my music to be. In just 8 songs this project reveals personal demons, it’s uplifting, it’s sexy, and it’s a fun listen .”

 Currently in addition to his new mixtape release, JMusiQ is planning a statewide media tour with select nightclub and private performances between stops. To book JMusiQ contact Booking@JMusiQ.US For media requests please contact GiGi capone PR & Associates info@gigicaponepr.com.



California dreamin artwork deeper double up Last Chance Pt. 1 Last Chance Pt.2 The Rapper You and Me Booty Sweat Artwork

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