@DylanDili gets talks about his new projects, and why he knows people will love his new work


 #TaniaOnTheScene – Dylan Dilinjah sat down with me to talk about some of the new songs he’s working on for his album “Pain 2 Power.”

One of which is a Caribbean hip hop song, “All the Best.”

The other, “Diamond Knife,” is a techno, house, dance hall song that has an awesome, upbeat tempo to it.

Dylan also talks about the unreleased work that he’s done with Beenie Man, Vybez Kartel, Keyshia Cole, and working with Suge Knight.

My interview with Dylan Dili was a very entertaining one. He’s definitely a cool, down to Earth guy.

He even made fun of my accent!

Check it out here:

For more information, make sure to follow Dylan on twitter, instagram and his blog.

The album release party is currently set to take place at Katra Lounge in NYC on June 26.
Stay tuned for more updates on TaniaOnTheScene.com.




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