Modern Intellects ( @Mod_Intellects ) marketing looking great in the April/May ’14 edition of XXL

gcpr-xxl-mod intellects

Publicity is only one element of a successful release, how you market your product is equally important, you can’t have one with out the other and call it a success. GiGi Capone PR & Associates are absolutely delighted that our new clients The Modern Intellects took our advice and decided to market Kevin Mc Gee, The Gift and their brand in the April/May edition of XXL magazine. The marketing tools that each client provides their publicist with are vital in such a competitive market, let’s face it, the world loves VISUALS. Congratulations to The Modern Intellects on their first AD in XXL magazine, The Gift’s 2 part EP “The Trip” is a part one of a forward thinking début for the artist and releases in March. To keep up with The Modern Intellects please visit and STAY TUNED FOR GREATNESS!

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