Indie Tips: What is a DJ service pack?


Are you wondering what a DJ service pack is and where you can find it? LOL.. you came to the right place then, let us fill you in on the BIG DEAL about DJ service packs. Let’s say you have a hotlist of radio stations, djs, press or even an affiliate that you want to send your latest release to. How are you packaging it up to send and how are you sending it? Many artists make the mistake of sending several emails with different versions of their song to the same person or company. Please understand, this is annoying and can result in a lot of unsubscribes or your future emails to the addressee going straight to the trash.

A proper DJ service pack is the following items compressed into 1 neat .zip file :

  • Your artwork for the release
  • The press release
  • A copy of your EPK in PDF format
  • All versions of your song including clean, dirty, acapella and instrumentals in high quality Mp3 or AIFF format
  • If you’re sending to a crew or coalition, include a personalized drop with their branding

Don’t forget to include mention ( a disclaimer) in your email that states “For Streaming Only” when sending to press, if you do not want your music being available for download by the general public. This step is especially important if your music is for sale on iTunes or any other platform, fans won’t buy what can be found online for free.



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