“BRAND NEW” Elaine Shepherd – TEARS ALWAYS WIN‏‎

elaine shepard tears

“Tears Always Win” (Alicia Keys Cover) is a sneak peak single from the Rockaway EP project by Elaine Lil’Bit Shepherd & Vancouver production team Technicians Music .

The Rockaway EP is a collection of hit tunes of various genres and eras covered, and done over in Reggae with the signature sound & style of Elaine Lil’Bit Shepherd combined with the versatile production of The Technicians.

Meet The Technicians:

Technicians Music, aka The Technicians was formed by long-time friends Dan “Vago” Orellana, Sacha Nastili and Nathan Nastili. The three members combine their individual music industry experience for over 25 years of production experience to create a solid reputation for consistent, high quality production and an extensive library of work.

In addition to playing several musical instruments including guitar (bass, electric and acoustic), drums and piano, and several years of music theory, all three members are well versed in Logic, Ableton, Reason, Melodyne, Anteres Suite, Waves Suite and Pro-tools. This allows “The Technicians” to handle the full scope of any music or post-production project efficiently and professionally. Production credits include several pop/urban artists and juried festival film scores.


“Tears Always Win” is available online now for FREE DOWNLOAD http://lilbitmuzik.bandcamp.com/album/tears-always-win

Stay tuned for the “Rockaway EP” dropping soon…

This post courtesy of Rebel Vibez, Ms. Carrie Mullings.

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