Indie Tips: When should I start seeking distribution?

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Many artists ponder upon when the time is right to start seeking distribution for their projects so they can start making money with their hard work. Although many experts can often make this answer a little more complicated than it needs to be, GiGi Capone PR & Associates look at 4 rules of thumb when advising clients as to whether they are ready to secure distribution.

  • First, is your completely mastered music original and owned by you? If you do not own all rights to your music then legally we can’t distribute it for you without all rights holder’s written consent. 
  • Second, is the project receiving  or will it be receiving airplay or result in you booking more shows and tours?
  • Thirdly, will you be launching ( or have you launched) a PR campaign for your song or project?
  • Finally, has the song or project gone viral or received DJ and media attention?

Any time you are investing into the exposure of your campaign, receiving airplay or a big buzz for your project then it is wise to secure digital distribution. However, some artists are extremely organized and choose to secure digital distribution at the beginning of each new project. Whatever the reason you’re interested in securing music or video distribution, the name of the game is to drive your promo towards sales once it is set up and in place.

Still interested? Gigi Capone PR & Associates can help in securing digital distribution for your music in 82 countries and up to 1k outlets, start making money with your music now. For more information on how to get started please contact

All artists selected are subject to approval.

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