FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Media Mogul Chanel Clark Simultaneously Launches New Print Magazine and Interactive Gossip Site.

flier chanelly

For Immediate Release

Contact: GiGi Capone PR & Associates


INRE: Chanel Clark launches EcleCollective Magazine



New York, NY February 23, 2013 – We are pleased to announce the launch of  EcleCollective Magazine. EcleCollective is a cutting edge and diverse underground independent hip hop mag that focuses on the creative arts and lifestyles of artists. The print magazine will infuse a montage of mainstream and independent artists from the last 3 decades of hip hop, ultimately conveying an artistic evolution of eclectic news to include the cultural, innovative and the taste-making talents of our contributors to the hip hop world.  The unprecedented magazine has also strategically secured distribution outside the U.S. in Spain and India as well; establishing a new and extensive audience which in turn will further the branding and popularity of the magazine.

Editor in chief and hip hop journalist Chanel Clark has worked with the best of the best in the music industry prior to the release of her new publication; including XXL Magazine, Sirius XM, Hot 97, Straight Stuntin Magazine, and has also been a special guest host for the very popular website. The EcleCollective Magazine launch party is being held at PNC Studios in Brooklyn, New York, hosted by Jack Thriller and sponsored by the ever popular Passion XO Cognac Liqueurs.

Clark states :

“My team and I fully intend  to bring a refreshing approach to the underground hip hop scene”.

Alongside EcleCollective Magazine, Ms. Clark will also be launching a hot new gossip website, bringing you up to date news on your favorite celebrities. The gossip site will put a new spin to her existing blog by creating more of an interactive use for the readers and overall implementing an entertaining spin on the website with fun and controversial buzzes to keep the industry stimulated. To stay updated on EcleCollective Magazine visit






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