VERVIEW: Take Notice to how Sirius XM spins are affecting the chart position of your priorities this week. 


Inside the Top 10

Kendrick Lamar “Swimming Pools” 3rd week at #1

Lil Wayne “No Worries” (ranked #3)

Dallas leads, spins brought down in Macon, GA & Hip Hop Nation

Spins down in Philly but picked up in Norfolk

Miguel “Adorn” is still gaining spins or “No Worries” could have been #2

Rick Ross “Diced Pineapples” (ranked #7)

Spins are slowing down in the lead market on this record: Detroit

Picked up spins in Dallas but gained Atlanta

Chris Brown “Don’t Judge Me” (ranked #8)

Picked up spins in PhillyNorfolkAtlantaCincy, & Detroit

Needs more spins this week in Richmond

Over 500 spins to top #5

Outside the Top 10/Inside the Top 20

TI “Ball” (ranked #10)

Charlotte leading the country on the record

Picked up spins this week from Hip Hop NationDetroitPhilly

Moves up 5 places from last week

2 Chainz “I’m Different” (ranked #11)

Mostly played in MiamiAtlanta, & Hip Hop Nation

2nd most played record the week on the Urban chart

Less than 20 total spins behind TI “Ball”

The Weeknd “Wicked Games” (ranked #13)

Picked up spins in DallasBaton Rouge, & Detroit

110 spins from #10

Leads Rihanna “Diamonds” (ranked #14) by 50 total spins

Rihanna “Diamonds” (ranked #14)

Most played in Baton Rouge, LA

Needs a much needed boost from Miami

Lost spins in Atlanta

Has to watch for a growing Wiz Khalifa  & Future mediabase

Wiz Khalifa “Remember You” (ranked #17)

Hip Hop Nation leads the country panel in spins to date

Picked up in spins this week Savannah, GA

Will build #15 this week due to dying Meek Mill & Ludacris records

Future “Neva End” (ranked #18)

Cleveland is in the lead on this record with total spins

Big boost in spins in both Dallas & Shreveport markets

Less than 200 total spins away from #15/ less than 400 spins from #10


Ludacris “Representin’” (ranked #15)

Spins will pick up in Macon, GA  & Chicago this week, which can help recover

Growing Wiz Khalifa Future records is a threat to Ludacris’s chart survival

Meek Mill “Young & Getting’ It” (ranked #16)

Building backward 3 spaces from last week

Lost a lot of spins in Cleveland Augusta, GA last week

Growing Wiz Khalifa & Future records is a threat to Meek Mill’s chart survival

Ciara “Sorry” (ranked at #19)

Moves up 2 spaces to enter inside the top 20

Needs better dayparts in Shreveport

Needs a big week in total spins to keep lead on Big Sean Game


Big Sean “Guap” (ranked #21)

Detroit leads the country in total spins & spins to date

Spins pick up in Little Rock

Continues to build closer to Ciara “Sorry”

Game “Celebration” (ranked #22)

Hip Hop Nation Sirius XM leads the panel with spins this week & spins to date

Good mixshow at Hot in Atlanta last week

230 total spins from #20

Keyshia Cole “Trust & Believe” (ranked #24)

Strongest market is Wilmington, DE & Philly

Spins picked up in Atlanta last week

Needs a big week in total spins & to keep lead over Miguel “Do You”

Over 350 spins from #20

Miguel “Do You”  (ranked #24)

DC leads the country in total spins & spins to date

Spins picked up in Atlanta Richmond this week

Has to watch Trinidad James “All Gold Everything” mediabase

Trinidad James “All Gold Everything” (ranked #25)

Moved up 7 spaces, Most played record on the Chart

Power rotation at ALL radio stations in Georgia

Just picked up in Shreveport, LALittle Rock, & Charleston, SC

Over 500 spins from #20, leading A$AP Rocky in total spins & chart position

A$AP Rocky “F**kin Problems” (ranked #26)

Most spins from Power in NYShade 45Hip Hop NationMiami, & Wilmington DE

A$AP must keep up with Trinidad James on the chart

Less than 75 total spins behind “All Gold Everything” (ranked #25)

Chief Keef “Love Sosa” (ranked #28)

Has to catch up with ASAP Rocky & Trinidad James in total spins

Chicago leads in spins this week & total spins to date

Good mixshow this week in Nashville

Omarion “MIA” (ranked #30)

Research may come back unfamiliar/ most spins are overnight & evenings

130 total spins behind “Love Sosa”



Ca$h Out “Hold Up”  (ranked #28)

Moves back 2 spaces

Lost spins in the Georgiathe Carolinas, & Buffalo, NY

Ca$h Out coming down in total spins & rank will help Chief Keef



Alicia Keys “Brand New Me” (ranked #31)

Moves up in rank 15 spaces

120 total spins behind than Omarion “MIA” (ranked #30)

Philly & DC leads the country in total spins & spins to date

Ace Hood “Need Your Love” (ranked #34)

Moves up 4 spaces

Miami leads the country in total spins and spins to date

Put into rotation in Little Rock last week

150 total spins from #30

John Hart “Who Booty” (ranked #36)

Moved up 7 spaces in ranking

Less than 50 total spins away from Young Jeezy “Get Right” (ranked#35)

Kendrick Lamar “Poetic Justice” (ranked #39)

Moves up 6 spaces

Dallas leads the country on “Poetic Justice” in total spins and spins this week

4 new markets on title this week, good mixshow in Biloxi


Rihanna “Diamonds” is projected to hold #1 through the new year

Flo Rida “I Cry” (ranked #5)

210 total spins from #3

should reach #3 as Miguel “Adorn” spins continue to fall

700 total spins ahead of a hot Bruno Mars record

Bruno Mars “Locked Out of Heaven” (ranked #6)

Moves up 3 spaces in rank

Can beat Flo Rida “I Cry” (ranked #5) to replace Miguel “Adorn” at #3

Most played record on the chart 2nd week in a row (over 800 plays)

The Weeknd “Wicked Games” (ranked 20)

Moves up 6 spaces in rank to place inside the top 20

3rd most played record on the chart (over 500 plays)

Will I Am/Brittany Spears “Scream & Shout” (ranked #30)

Moves up 20 spaces in ranking

2nd most played record on the Crossover chart (700 plays)

Less than 200 total spins from #30


Kanye West “Click” (ranked #4)

6 important markets will be dropping out of their power rotations this week

Less than 100 total spins ahead of Flo Rida “I Cry” (ranked #5)

Game “Celebration” (ranked #19)

Moves up one space in rank, moving backward in spins this week

Denver took the record down last week

Less than 150 total spins ahead of Lil Wayne “No Worries” (ranked #21)


Miguel “Adorn” is #1 going into 2013

Faith Evans “Tears of Joy” (ranked #9)

Over 200 spins this week but Over 300 spins from #5

Most played record on the chart this week

Avant “You & I” (ranked #5)

Ahead of Charlie Wilson (ranked #6) by over 100 total spins

New Orleans & Augusta, GA leading on this record

Boost in Airplay this week in Philly, Kansas City, & Toledo

Needs to recover Indianapolis

Daley “Alone Together” (ranked #11)

40 total spins behind #10

record started in Birmingham this week, boost in spins in Baton Rouge

R. Kelly “When A Man Lies” (ranked #13)

Sirius XM Heart & Soul leads the country in total spins

Saginaw, Memphis, Birmingham, St. Louis & 3 Louisiana markets spins kick in

Eric Benet “News for You” (ranked #16)

Moves up 8 spaces in ranking

Picked up in spins in Baltimore this week

Alicia Keys “Brand New Me” (ranked #17)

Moves up 9 spaces in ranking

Less than 20 total spins from Eric Benet “News for You” (ranked #16)

Needs to recover Philadelphia & not lose momentum in West Palm

TOP 40

Ke$ha “Die Young” is #1

Bruno Mars “Locked Out of Heaven” (ranked #2)

1500 spins from #1

Big boost in spins in Boston & Greensboro

Rihanna “Diamonds” (ranked #3)

Over 2000 spins from Bruno Mars “Locked out of Heaven”

Lumineers “Ho Hey” (ranked #8)

Moves up 4 spaces in ranking

Most played record this week inside the top 10

Taylor Swift “I Knew You Were Trouble” (ranked #18)

Moves up 7 spaces in ranking

Most played record on the chart last week with almost 3000 spins


Flo RIda “I Cry”

Lost spins in Boston Tulsa

Less than 2000 spins ahead of Lumineers “Ho Hey” (ranked #8)






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