NEWSFLASH: Inspiring new charity releases “The Bay2Africa” Mixtape.

The has a unique way of doing things when it comes to raising donations. What makes them so out of the ordinary? embraces the hip hop culture and offers music that can sometimes be explicit in nature; just as an action or horror film can be explicit. “Bay2Africa is a charity with a simple but important mission:  To use music to bring aid to Africa.” Proudly states the charity.  


“How refreshing it is to see a Northern California organiztion coming together to shed such a positive light to a much needed cause; all the while empowering the hip hop culture.”

– Gigi Capone, GiGi Capone PR CEO/ Rhythm 105.9 FM Assistant Program Director


The “ Mixtape” is being rerleased and can be downloaded for free on the organizations website Thanksgiving morning.

Make sure you stop by the website, download the Mixtape and support the cause by donating and also by sharing the download link on your Facebook and twitter pages. 

DATE: 11/22/2012

Media Contact- Tom Freeman     

freematik [AT]



Release Name: The Bay2Africa Mixtape (self-titled)


Charity Founder: @Freematik


Release Date: Nov. 22, 2012 (Thanksgiving)


Press Info:


Music Location: and also distributed via twitter download link (to be uploaded on Thanksgiving)

Artists on Twitter:

DVo @DVoMusic

ABA @weareABA

BlacDaRippa @CaliHitPatrol

Marcus Weezy @OsamaWeezLaden

Touche Ole @ToucheOle

Gangsta Reese @GangstaReese

Rey Ressurreccion @ReyResurreccion


Trey C @westcoasttrey

Brycentenial @Brycen10ial

Rappin 4-Tay @Rappin_4Tay

Agent 216 @Agent216

Lil Sav 408 @LiLSaV408 

Totally Insanse  @TotallyInsane10

YDMC  @ydmc




Bay2Africa Redefines Charity With Rap Music


When the self-titled Bay2Africa “street” mixtape is released on Thanksgiving, it will be downloadable for free, or for an optional donation to  Bay2Africa is a new charity that is selling rap music and related merchandise to raise money, which they then send to various African charities.

A variety of artists have joined in the movement, and the charity will operate much like a record label, putting out releases, videos, etc. but instead of doing it for profit, the organization is acting as a “meta-charity”, by generating donations and then sending them to various African charities, such as Watercan, and other verified organizations.

Freematik, the founder of the charity and the producer behind a number of songs on the mixtape, had this to say about the charity:

“I’ve worked as a sound engineer on rap for years, and I can say that while the music can be explicit, the people that make the music are the for the most part decent, humble people, who want to help their fellow man.  Just because the subject nature can be violent or sexist at times, doesn’t mean the artists are.  Just like in a horror or war movie, the director or actors are not considered bad people.  I wanted to do something to show the goodwill of the Bay Area rap community.  At the same time I became personally aware of the struggles in Africa, so I started this charity, and began networking with artists I work with or know.  The idea is we are going to be ourselves and not change the music to accomplish our goals, this is not a charity for everyone, but if you’re a rap fan, you might love it!”


This Thanksgiving, there is a rap mixtape being released that might just begin to change the way charity is done!


Press Info:





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OFFICE 916.253.9277|FAX 916.253.9278 


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