FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: The Warrior Mixshow with @gigicaponepr & The Warrior Djs now on Spizzzle Radio


DATE: MAY 7, 2012

CONTACT: GIGI CAPONE 201-800-4306  

INRE: Warrior Djs  Mixshow now on Spizzzle Radio

The Warrior Mixshow with GiGi Capone & The Warrior Djs now on Spizzzle Radio

 [Nevarez Enterprises] Los Angeles, CA – Warrior Dj’s President/ Co-founder GiGi Capone confirmed that the Warrior Mixshow will be syndicating in the Los Angeles area on Spizzzle Radio. This announcement coming only moments after GiGi Capone made the comment:  “My interviews should be on Spizzzle Radio” to one of the radio station’s 3 owners on twitter last week.

Spizzzle Radio is owned by Mr. Bayleaf Harris”, “The General” and “Link”; the station has been on the air since 2006 featuring raw uncut music and interviews from independent and mainstream artists all around the world. The Warrior Mixshow is hosted by Gigi Capone, who is known for her high energy and edgy interviews; The Warrior Djs (also Co-founded by Wyclef Jean) of course will be showcasing their off the Richter scale talents in the mix. Each one of Wyclef & GiGi’s elite Warrior Djs have been handpicked and are continually being developed by the coalition and its highly efficient in house team of producers, Selecta’s and A&R experts. “The Mixshow is one of the outlets we provide for our DJ’s to hone their craft and showcase their music between bookings. We love it because the vibe is positive for our family and the exposure has been phenomenal, our goal is to syndicate on as many respectable stations as possible, We’re glad to be on Spizzzle in the West” states Gigi Capone.

The Warrior Dj’s encourage independent and mainstream artists to pro-actively support them by sending them their music to consider for the Mixshow. “Support is a 2 way street so we always like to make the time to review the music the artists send to us carefully and provide feedback when possible; they aren’t just submitting music, they are fans too. It’s important to give back to both, keeping a constant balance is key” states Warrior Dj’s Vice-President Sean “Da Entertainer” Madhouse. The Warrior Mixshow airs every Wednesday from 7-8PM PST on  . Please contact for more information on the show or for music submissions.


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