Fan or Groupie, what are the mathematics?

By Gigi Capone

Often in the music industry we become so adapted to our daily routines that we forget what it is like to simply be a fan of music. Owning even the smallest business in the industry requires a 7 day a week schedule just to stay relevant. In fact; personally I am starting to come to the conclusion that the smaller the company; the harder one works to get anywhere period. Who has time for anything but business conversation? With that being said I as I surf the web and delve in and out of various social networks and other resources; I see a lot of opinion. Everyone one is entitled to a opinion; but if you are going to be a loose cannon, be responsible with it. Lately I have been seeing the word “Groupie” being tossed around a lot more LOOSELY than normal by professionals. One thing is for certain, I just can’t understand the MATHEMATICS of people who are supposed to be trained professionals(ieg.. managers, publicists,promoters,artist representatives..whateva)  in the music industry participating in any form of “Groupie” bashing. Groupies are the biggest fans.. and don’t fans buy the records & spend the $$ for the music? Yeah the MATHEMATICS don’t add up to me there buddy. If anything you should love that you are working with someone big enough to have groupies and make them your fans too. Seems to me groupie bashing is just another form of hater syndrome or a sign you ain’t makin enough $$$.. because if you was, YOU WOULD LOVE YOUR ARTISTS GROUPIES. Not only do your artists GROUPIES by the records but they are the best damn form of free promotion there is. Next time you hate on a fan and call them a “groupie” remember; they are the reason your artist is getting paid. Better yet.. here’s another thought; If your artist has great music but has zero buzz and DON’T have a ton of groupies; some one in the PR department should be getting FIRED or working a whole hell of a lot harder. One FACT that will never change is without the fans; there is no music. That’s just my opinion though; I’m not here to judge and  the topic is open for discussion please feel free to share your opinion in the comment section below.

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