Legendary West Coast Production Genius Moe Z M.D. releases ” Keep Ya Head Up” Remix with 15 year old Yung Blu


I had the opportunity to meet and see 15 year old Latino rap phenomenon “Yung Blu” perform live while attending one of promoter Frank Nitty’s networking parties in Lake Elsinore. For two weeks prior to the event I listened to Frank Nitty telling me how astonishing this kid was and that he is the “Mexican 2Pac”; after listening to some of his music that was sent to me, I just had to see the full package that this artist had to offer.  I’ve consistently heard 3 young artists names buzzing in the east over the past 2 quarters Willow Smith, Diggy Simmons and Astro. What I haven’t heard in ages is any young talent coming out of the West with mainstream worthy material; but I was certainly ready to find some. I didn’t have to look much further; Frank Nitty was telling the truth, this 15 year old is phenomenal.

Extremely beyond his years with his lyrical content Yung Blu has a stage presence that packs a punch so powerful that will give grown seasoned artist a run for their money on the mic. I’m not the only hard sell made believer; West Coast legendary producer Moe Z M.D. who is known for his hit production work with 2Pac has blessed the world with his great talents once again. The WestCoast vet came with it when he cooked up the “Keep Ya Head Up”  remix ft. Yung Blu. Simply genius and a perfect fit.

I remember thinking to myself before seeing Yung Blu perform; “Frank’s trying to sell this kid as  the next 2 Pac; he better be the best fucking thing since sliced bread”.  I ended up making a Yung Blu sammich with that sliced bread comment and eating every single word that came out my mouth. It’s no wonder the “Labels are coming after him left and right” as Frank told me; the kid indeed has all the elements it takes to be the next best thing since Tupac Shakur. I don’t believe I have ever seen a young talent coming out of California that could even hold a candle to what Yung Blu has to offer. What I didn’t find with this 15 year old phenomenon is the every day kiddie bubblegum bullshit that that pumps out our radios over and over each day. Yung Blu’s lyrical content is so shocking and motivational to the point that it is for sure going to touch the emotions of every youth of our generation. I’m not quite sure that saying he is the “Future of California” is a big enough statement to compliment this young artists talent; but it is surely a great place to start.

You can look forward to my upcoming audio interview with Yung Blu to be published but in the mean time take a listen and see for your self what all the buzz is about.

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