Who?Mag CEO Rob Schwartz gets exclusive interview w/ Wyclef @his birthday party.

The whole world is familiar with multi-platinum selling artist Wyclef Jean of the Fugees; but there are still a lot of people ind the United States getting familiar with his internationally famous sound system” Wyclef Refugee All-Stars”, also known as “WRAS”.  Top Selecta Sean Madhouse was handpicked by Wyclef Jean and his talented brother Sedeck in 2003 to head Refugee All-Star sound during one of Clef’s famous birthday parties. In 2006 DJ Khadaffy Selecta/DJ/MC came aboard; then in 2010 DJ Supa Reem proved to be excellent addition to WRAS also. Rob Schwartz was appointed lead PR point person for Wyclef & WRAS celebration during the evenings festivities and did an amazing job. Our good friend Rob, also the CEO of Who?mag TV managed to capture a glimpse of Wyclef and his Refugee All-Stars  vibe directly from the source’s mouth at a party that will be talked about all year long. Be sure to check out the panoramic interview. I can’t wait to see the full multi-part interview airing on my TV set! Please get to know  about Wyclef Refugee All-Star Sound Official Sponsor Who?Mag TV.



WHO?MAG TV has been called “the Urban Entertainment Tonight”.  With its long list of today’s biggest hip-hop artists and singers, A-list celebrities, and today’s biggest athletes, WHO?MAG TV has made their benchmark as the elite independent urban based entertainment program.

WHO?MAG TV presently airs on 9 different networks and adding more stations consistently.  We currently reach 67 countries, all 50 states, and almost 200,000,000 homes on broadcast TV.  WHO?MAG TV is also available online through segments on our Youtube page (over 360,000 total views), our website (www.whomag.net) and through the broadcast TV networks that also stream their channels.  In the US, we reach all 50 states on ColoursTV, which airs on Dish TV network plus an additional 102 cable carriers.  In addition to ColoursTV, we also air on additional networks in the following areas: NYC, DE, Philadelphia (3 stations), Princeton/Hamilton-NJ, and La Verne in Los Angeles County-CA.

Who?mag has currently aired over 30 half hour episodes of WHO?MAG TV. They have also finished their first season of their 14 episode spin-off program “WHO?MAG Video Vision” which was a 30 minute independent music video show which ran for a season after WHO?MAG TV.  They also produce and direct WHO?MAG specials including the most recent “In The Studio with Wyclf Jean”. 

Who?mag ‘s  demographics are from 14 – 40.  We are very popular within the high schools and also very strong with the older generation based off of the caliber of the interviews.  A good example is that our interviews range from George Clinton to Pitbull to Wyclef.  We target hip-hop and music fans of both male and female gender.  Although we are an urban show, we also do extremely well in the suburban communities.
WHO?MAG TV is also supported through the industry leading hip-hop website www.whomag.net which features text interview from the biggest names in entertainment.  Interviews range from Halle Berry to Katy Perry to Randy Jackson, and of course, all of today’s and yesterdays biggest hip-hop stars.  WHO?MAG TV is also supported through many other features including their 40,000 direct email list, sponsoring many of the biggest hip-hop events, social networking outlets (we have a large presence on Facebook and Myspace as well as Youtube, LinkedIn, and links), and banners on various sights and flyers.
Other project included under the WHO?MAG Multimedia umbrella outside of  the TV shows include “Foxes” (a sitcom pilot aired in an HBO sponsored film festival), WHO?MAG DVD Magazine Vol. #1 (available in all major retail outlets), The WHO?MAG Hip-Hop Document (a 4-part hip-hop documentary being picked up by the Pocono Mountain Film Festival) Chetown Films (our movie department), Crunchtyme Publishing (music playing on MTV, placed in movies, and jingles airing on all major networks).
Here is a list of  Who?mag social networks…
and www.whomag.net

Current list of networks Who?mag airs on include…
– BuzzTV in Europe reaching 51 countries (120 million households)
– ColoursTV in all 50 states (55 million households) 6 times a week
– Going Global TV reaching 16 countries (10 million households)
– MNN in Manhattan/Bronx (3.1 million households) on MNN (Ch 67 on TWC/85 on RCN) Weds at 7pm
– PhillyCam in Philly (ch66 on Comcast/ch29 & 30 on Verizon)
– PosProTV in Delaware Ch 28 (3.7 million households) 4 times a week
– MindTV in Philly (6.7 million households) daily segments
– DUTV in Philly (Ch 54 or 62) Sat & Sun at 3:30pm (500,000 households)
– Los Angeles County (La Verne) Fri, Sat, & Sun at 9:30pm on Ch 3
– Princeton TV in Princeton & Hamilton, NJ (Ch 30 on Comcast/45 on Fios) Mondays @11:30pm and Saturdays @1:30am (800,000 households)
We are aggressively looking for more outlets to help get you or your product the exposure it needs!  For more information on WHO?MAG TV , contact Rob Schwartz at rob@whomag.net.

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