As the heart beat of technology continues to thrive and beat loud like a freshly laid 808 drum on a brand new track; artist have began to take more time to educate and arm themselves with some of the most advanced marketing applications and software known to mankind for their music campaigns. For some independent artists the realms of technology are brand new territory and can be a flat out pain and distraction.

The technology trends in the beginning of 2011 appeared to be all about who had the most apps between Microsoft and Google, in which by far Google is clearly whipping Microsoft’s ass; perhaps we will see a merger sooner than later? Now as we gear ourselves up for the last quarter of the year marketing technology trends are appearing to focus more on quality than quantity, being that nowadays any 5 year old with access to a computer can create a computer app before they can barely even read. Which quite frankly pisses the majority of adults off who are still trying to embrace the marvels of modern technology.  Ever had a kid give you a digital beat down? It’s not pretty.

As an independent artist who does the greater percentage of your own footwork on your own ; trying to figure out the right apps to properly promote and market your music online can often be time consuming, confusing and a distraction from your main focus; making music. There will come a point in your career where your music starts to create a tangible buzz but you are still doing everything yourself and are constantly feeling tired no matter what. This is called the fast road to BURN OUT on the music highway to success; which can often lead to writers block or fatigue. When this happens it is clearly time to sit down and review your statistics online and in your bank account; without a marketing budget, you can only go so far. Creating a 5 year plan detailing the goals for your music career and committing to stay on track before you get to this point is a great preventive step to avoiding burnout.

One of the biggest misconceptions in the industry is that once you hire a publicist that all your marketing and promotional headaches will disappear; fat chance. A publicist is responsible for your publicity; not your promo, That is what promotions companies are for; but definitely not with out a marketing budget. The time that a publicists spends on your press materials, securing quality  interview placements, constantly updating your materials and circulating them; is extremely consuming and the standard monthly fees in publicity contract’s are rarely inclusive with the marketing budgets it takes for successful promotions unless specifically negotiated into the contract.

The most successful marketing campaigns are those in which everyone on your team is happy with their  compensation for their services, communicating properly with each other, sharing the same enthusiasm  and respective of each others roles. Without these 4 elements being enforced in your music career’s plan to reach the top on the road to success ; you are sure to have a bumpy ride and a few accidents getting there. If there is someone on your team who is not adding to your career; they are in fact taking from it. Everyone has to be a team player in order for you to make consistent progress with your music. Leading by example is the best way to encourage successful behavior on your team.

Gigi Capone PR & Associates main goal is to take the headache and confusion out of your publicity, online marketing and promotion by offering all 3 services under 1 umbrella. This enables you to save money and keep your publicity, online marketing and promotion neatly organized with one company. Our unique business partnerships with heavy hitters like Digiwaxx, Virdiko, InYo Face Filmworks and more along with our Press/Media clearance and the longstanding great relationships with the top DJ’s & Coalitions, record pools, top music websites, distribution companies just to name a few things is what enables us to empower your music with the best impact the industry has to offer at or below reasonably competitive pricing.

Each artist, producer or label’s needs for their music are different therefore we offer a free consultation in order to  find out exactly what you needs and goals are; then custom tailor an offer that will best suit your needs in a cost effective manner.

Gigi Capone PR & Associates take your music career just as serious as you do and aim to give you high quality service in a time efficient manner; a waiting list is not uncommon during certain times of the year considered to be our full time clients busy season.



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